Zeljka Zdravkovic

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    – Željka Zdravković was born on August 1, 1990. in Bor. She received his basic academic education at the Faculty of Business and Law in Belgrade, where they earned the title of Bachelor of Management in 2020. They further pursued their education by obtaining a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management and Advanced Practices at the Healthcare Business Faculty in Valjevo in 2022. She is continuing her education and professional development, they are currently enrolled in the PhD studies at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Kragujevac. There, they are actively involved in developing innovative models of healthcare.

    – Having found their purpose and life calling, they work as a yoga instructor and creator of programs involving physical and mental practices that contribute to health and inner harmony. Over the past 10 years, they have dedicated themselves to educating and inspiring people to initiate transformative processes that support health, self-development, and emotional maturity.

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    – She began her spiritual journey in high school. As she has been involved in sports, especially athletics, since her earliest school days, she noticed that yogic breathing techniques were the ones that made a difference in the results achieved in competitions. Back in high school, she came across Jasmina Puljo’s book “Yoga Harmony of Mind and Body” and that is when her deep transformation and work with emotions began.

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    – At the age of 19, she began to actively practice yoga at the “Dragon” club, where she completed two years of training and where she remained to gain practice as an independent instructor for another three years. In parallel, she studied martial arts and several systems of exercise, exploring dance and health Qi gong. Many years of experience with Ninjutsu martial arts gave her inspiration for spiritual work on herself, where she first met the Reiki technique and Shiatsu massage.

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    – She has been a Reiki practitioner since 2012, and focused her energy work on the gradual removal of energy blockages in the body and education on spiritual practice.

    – Movement, body and emotions are what she explores and teaches. Her classes, sessions and programs have the effect of emotional and physical detox, which result in raising the level of awareness and life changes in practitioners.

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    – After five years of yoga practice, she completed training as a yoga instructor when she received two licenses – as a yoga coach and meditation teacher with Fabijan Periškić and Ana Ninković, as well as an aerial yoga instructor with Ana Ninković.

    Since 2019, she is also a certified hypnotherapist (Suzana Apostolov – New Era Academy).

    The crown of her education focused on working with pregnant women and graduating from Prenatal Yoga School with Dragan Lončar and midwife Divna Miljković in 2020. She is also a member of Dula Srbija – Birth Doula DONA International, 2021.

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    – In 2013, she founded the Team of Innovative and Creative Ideas with a mission to spread awareness of health and harmony.

    – In 2015, she independently opened the Yoga Kreacija studio in Bor.

    – In 2017, she became an associate of the organization “Serbia on the Move”, and through their training she acquired community organizing skills, PR skills and team leadership.

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    – In 2018, she took an active part in the founding and structure of the Bor Youth Center, where she is still an an expert associate, youth counselor and organizer of numerous activities for young people, children and adults, as well as a youth counselor.

    – In 2021, she founded the Tiki Yoga studio with the mission to bring her work and activities closer to a larger number of people through online work.

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    – In her work, Željka combines several systems and styles of exercise, while leaving a personal mark of creativity in every class.

    She is the founder of the following physical therapy programs:

    “Mother is born”
    “Mental detox”
    “Transformational physical therapy”

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    – She is an active yoga instructor for Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Children with Developmental Disabilities, as well as individual exercise and teaching programs, workshops and seminars.

    She loves to write, cook, hike and dance.

About the Tiki Yoga Studio

– The Team of Innovative and Creative Ideas – TIKI, now the Tiki Yoga Studio, promotes healthy lifestyle, educates on mental, physical and spiritual health through various styles of yoga classes as well as holds lectures, workshops, seminars, trainings, and online schools.

– The Tiki Yoga studio often organizes trips and excursions for its members and citizens, as well as classes in nature and social events. We are actively cooperating with primary and secondary schools, where we have so far conducted workshops and programs that include breathing techniques, directing attention, strengthening concentration, developing creativity and increasing student performance.

– We have a successful cooperation with organizations and institutions for children with disabilities, with which a one-year program and regular exercise classes have already been carried out. Our field of activity also extends to the business sector, where we are recognized through our program Mental Detox.

– The “Mental Detox” program has motivated and encouraged the productivity of many employees as well as students.

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