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– You may not have heard of Breathwork so far because breathing is a necessary, natural and physiological process of every living being.

– Breathing techniques will allow you to expand your awareness on a physical and emotional as well as a psychological and spiritual level.

– When you breathe consciously, you enable the organism to solve the problems that is in it.

– While the subconscious dictates most of your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and behaviors, breathing allows you to access and reprogram your subconscious mind.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a set of different but simple breathing techniques that are practiced in different forms and intensities, and have the goal and purpose to raise immunity, remove emotional and mental blockages and bring the client into balance so that they can respond to life’s challenges with more awareness.

Some of well-known breathing techniques are:

  • rebirthing
  • diamond breath
  • biodynamic breath
  • holotropic breath

Breathing technique therapy enlightens your subconscious beliefs and emotions, as well as the relationships you have with your body, mind and spirit.

Breathing can be divided into two branches:

  • Accelerated breathing or connected breathing
  • Pranayama (conscious breathing or coherent breathing)

The benefits of therapeutic breathing exercises

The main advantage of therapeutic breathing exercises is the elimination of emotional, mental and energetic blockages from the body, which leads to better interpersonal relationships and a better quality of life. Also, on the physical level, it regenerates the body and eliminates harmful substances, strengthens the body’s resistance and helps the self-healing processes of our body.

Breathing sessions also help:

  • reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • improve emotional states
  • strengthen immunity
  • treat emotional pain and trauma
  • improve personal and professional relationships
  • liberate negative thoughts
  • increase self-awareness
  • build self-confidence
  • increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain

What to expect during and after a Breathing exercise session?

– At the first consultation, the therapist will get acquainted with your needs and the goals of the work will be set.

– The client can also opt for a one-time educational session for the answer to a problem, where the therapist gives instructions and trains the client on how to apply breathing techniques.

-The therapist will suggest a long-term program for you to work from week to week where you will have the opportunity to master more techniques through the process, i.e. breathing exercises, and in accordance with the jointly set goals at the beginning of the work.

– During the session, you can experience emotional release, changes in body temperature, tingling, vibration and the hyperventilation of the body.

What breathing techniques and exercises are used during breathwork therapy?

The following techniques and exercises are used during breathwork therapy:

  • Self-hypnosis
  • Complete yogic breathing (how to breathe properly)
  • Therapeutic breathing to deal with trauma
  • Detox breathing – cleansing the body from the cellular level
  • The process of presence
  • Vibratory techniques and vocal techniques in the service of regulating emotions
  • Concentration techniques and focus strengthening
  • Self-massage and techniques for releasing stress through the body (i.e. pain in the shoulders, neck, lumbar region, tension and emotional charges that should be passed through the body and not suppressed)
  • Digestive organ cleansing techniques
  • Relaxation techniques – instant calming (for anxiety)
  • Relaxation techniques – awareness (for anger control)
  • Visualization – raising awareness of needs and goals, raising awareness of the causes and breaking ties with unwanted patterns of thinking
  • Spine and joint exercises (yoga)
  • Exercises for better circulation (yoga)
  • Conscious eating – how to feel what is good food for us (for emotional overeating)
  • Increasing the performance of athletes – breathing, visualization, self-hypnosis
  • Slow movement exercises – if a person cannot train due to health reasons or injuries, the solution is a slow movement method that uses minimal movement, breathing techniques and visualization
  • Yogic breathing techniques for different purposes
  • Energy exercises for different purposes

Who are Tiki Yoga Breathing Exercise sessions for?

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    Tiki Yoga sessions of Breathing exercises are for both children and adults who want to:

    • improve the quality of life
    • live more consciously
    • get rid of unhealthy habits
    • face emotional problems
    • supplement medical treatment for the problem they are facing
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    Breathing sessions are also a great recommendation for you if you have:

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • problems of an emotional nature
    • a feeling of anger and rage
    • feeling sad
    • trauma
    • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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