The Mental Detox Program

Often our body suffers from sedentary jobs, stress and bad habits that are the product of physical and mental tensions. The Mental Detox program is designed to combine traditional yogic knowledge and skills of healthy and satisfied living with the modern demands of society.

Mentalna detoksikacija

What is the Mental Detox Program?

– Mental detox is a theoretical-practical training – a seminar that gives you a set of practical exercises and techniques that you can apply in the workplace, college and school.

– You will learn mini exercises to improve concentration, release tension, prepare for an important meeting, as well as quick techniques for mental rest and raising work productivity.

– The program is aimed at people with intense mental effort, people who have sitting jobs, students, as well as people who are constantly in a race with deadlines, have a responsible job that raises stress levels and mental pressure.

– This program concisely and effectively provides information on how to use breaks for quick rest and increase energy, how to reduce mental noise, increase your productivity, improve concentration and maintain health and vitality with the demands of the job.

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    What creates fatigue and why do we lose focus and have poor concentration?

    Mental noise (excessive thinking load) is one of the reasons for constant fatigue, loss of concentration and focus because our mind is busy without a break and rest from thoughts, pressure and stress.

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    For whom is the Mental Detox program?

    Mental detox is a program for people with intense mental effort, people who have sedentary jobs, employees who have responsible positions that raise stress levels and mental pressure, as well as students who sit for a long time and study for the exams.

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    Where and when is the Mental Detox Program held?

    The Mental Detox Program can be held:

    • At the premises of your company with the agreed terms
    • Online via the zoom app every Wednesday at 8pm ( Serbian time zone)

Mentalna detoksikacija

What does the Mental Detox program cover?

The Mental Detox program covers the following topics:

1. Proper sitting – a module dedicated to posture, neutral positions and explanation of how daily sitting with crossed legs increases deformities. In this module, we do exercises to improve circulation, learn about compression of internal organs, talk about prevention of heart disease, indigestion, diabetes;

2. Proper breathing – practical exercises that increase the level of oxygen in the body, perform detoxification, raise energy, nourish cells, rest, calm down, regulate panic attacks and anxiety will be done;

3. Techniques for regulating mental noise – practical techniques for calming the mind and controlling thoughts and color focus;

4. Raising productivity in the workplace – mastering exercises for the eyes, neck, head, tongue and face;

5. Raising concentration with self-massage techniques for body and face;

6. Exercises for feet and hands – prevention of diseases and increase of the concentration;

7. Spine exercises – work with the help of a chair;

8. Efficient use of breaks – raising productivity with short breaks;

9. Instant raising of energy in the body – Exercise 1 minute without thoughts;

10. Singing stress and emotional blockages – vocal techniques;

11. Anti-stress program – conscious physical exercise – meditation in motion in the service of eliminating resistance to success and abundance;

12. Visualization and hypnotherapy to help achieve better performance, achieve goals and increase productivity;

13. Interpersonal relationships in the work environment – overcoming emotional charges with conscious connected breathing;

14. Preparation for an important meeting – mental preparation and breathing techniques to raise self-confidence.

Founder and instructor of the program: Željka Zdravković

For all additional information and applications for the Mental Detox program, as well as information on the amount of the donation, contact us via email at or call us at the info phone number +381 61 133 72 60