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When we say Power Yoga, it can encourage you to think of different forms of Yoga, and that is why it is difficult to define what exactly it means. It is also named differently in different parts of the world, such as ‘Power Vinyasa Yoga’, ‘Hot Power Yoga’, etc.

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What is Power Yoga exactly?

Power Yoga belongs to the modern style of yoga; it is adaptable and very dynamic. It teaches us that regardless of noise, hustle and bustle we need to enter the “flow” and be in tune with the body, mind and spirit… Movement confronts us with deeper programs and brings to the surface emotions and patterns of behavior to make us aware of and release them from the level of the body.

Power Yoga is a great combination of traditional asanas and breathing techniques that affect the awakening of our inner potentials.

These are exercises that strengthen and shape your body, increase flexibility in the joints, strengthen bones and encourage their endurance, perform detoxification at the cellular level and strengthen the resistance of your body.

Power yoga is designed to move the entire body system using the method of continuous movement and transition from one asana to another. This type of yoga is an intensive training because in addition to challenging positions, it also works on developing mental strength and will.

Where does it come from and how did
Power Yoga develop?

Power yoga is any of several forms of energetic Vinyasa yoga styles that developed as an exercise in America in the 1990s. This includes forms derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and forms derived from Bikram yoga.

The term “Power Yoga” became popular in the mid-1990s when two American yoga teachers, who studied with the Ashtanga guru, began to make what they learned more accessible to Western students. They also wanted to move away from the rigid sequence of Ashtanga, which is practiced as a predetermined series of poses that are always done in the same order.

Benefits that Power Yoga offers to its practitioners:

Increased tone and shapes muscles
Increased flexibility and mobility in the joints
Restored body flexibility
Strengthened the joint and bone system
Improved coordination between breathing and movement
Restored energy in the body
Increased concentration
Reduced and eliminated stress
Stabilized blood pressure
Improved circulation
Accelerated metabolism

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    What should I expect during the Power Yoga classes at Tiki Yoga Studio?

    This type of yoga class will vary greatly from teacher to teacher. In Power Yoga classes within the Tiki Yoga studio, you can expect a powerful workout that burns calories and helps you stay fit, shape your body and build functional muscles.

    At the same time, you can expect intensive breathing techniques and strength exercises that strengthen the heart and bring more oxygen to each organ. We end the class with relaxation that harmonizes energy and stabilizes it in the body. After the class, the exercisers feel empowered, strengthened and full of energy.

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    Who are the online Power Yoga classes for?

    Online Power Yoga classes are for active people, fans of a dynamic way of exercising. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are no age limits for this type of exercise. It is suitable for people who do not have injuries and serious health conditions, although the intensity can be adjusted to each individual–the essence is that you should be aware of your limitations and choose an exercise style that suits your abilities.

    *NOTE: Not recommended for pregnant women due to great physical and emotional detoxification.

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    What are the dates and duration of online Power Yoga classes?

    Power Yoga online classes are held three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 21:00. Each class lasts 60 minutes.

    After each class you will get access to a video link in a closed Facebook group.

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    What do you need in terms of equipment to attend Power Yoga classes?

    To completely indulge in the exercise, you need to wear comfortable and stretchy clothes that will allow you to perform poses without any difficulties. You also need a rug, a bottle of water, a phone or computer to follow the class and one hour of your free time in the most quiet corner of your home.

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    Price of Power Yoga online classes

    The monthly membership fee for Power Yoga online classes is 2,500 dinars / 20 euros and includes 12 classes per month within a pre-scheduled period of time. The membership fee is valid only for the current month in which it is paid and is not transferred to the next month if you did not attend classes for personal reasons.

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    How can I join a group for Power Yoga classes?

    By donating a monthly membership fee and sending a confirmation of payment to our e-mail, you can join the Power Yoga Classes group. To learn how to pay your monthly membership fee, click here.

    If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us via the info phone at +381 61 133 72 60 or via email at zeljka@tikiyoga.com.

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