Pregnancy Consultations for Women

Although from the very beginning of pregnancy, a woman encounters countless pieces of advice, there are always some questions for which there is no answer. Pregnancy consultations can help you get answers to these questions, as well as tips that you have not been able to read in a book or on any other sites.

What are Consultations for Pregnant women?

– Consultations for pregnant women are individual sessions where you can ask questions and get answers about emotions, exercise, pain, sitting, sleeping and accepting the state you may find yourself in during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery.

How long does one consultation for expectant mothers last?

– Individual consultations for expectant mothers lasts at least an hour (roughly and tailored to the specific needs of the pregnant woman)

What can you expect at a pregnancy consultation?

At the consultation for pregnant women you can expect to:

  • Talk to a therapist
  • Perform practical exercises for sore back, joints, relaxation and concentration
  • Troubleshoot tips
  • Receive tips on alleviating the current situation you may find yourself in
  • Practice yogic breathing techniques
  • Practice breathing techniques for psycho-physical preparation
  • Practice hypnomeditation / hypnotherapy
  • Use self-hypnosis techniques
  • Receive childbirth education
  • Receive emotional and informative support during pregnancy

Who are the Consultations for pregnant women for?

Consultations for pregnant women are intended for:

  • women planning a pregnancy
  • women who have a problem with fear of pregnancy or childbirth
  • women who have had a traumatic birth experience
  • women who have had a cesarean section and want to give birth naturally
  • women whose baby is pelvic, and is looking for a natural way to help themselves and the baby get into the right position through movement and exercise
  • pregnant women who have chronic problems and are treated as a high-risk pregnancy in order to improve their quality of life with the help of breathing and relaxation techniques
  • women who have a problem with incontinence either after childbirth or as a result of surgery or age and pelvic floor muscle weakness
  • women who want to improve sleep quality and learn relaxation and mental programming techniques (self-hypnosis)

Konsultacije za trudnice iskustva

Pročitajte iskustva sadašnjih i prethodnih članica, sada već majki divnih beba, rekle o Tiki Yoga konsultacijama za trudnice.

Whether you are already pregnant or planning a pregnancy, have ups and downs, have some doubts, and want to learn more about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery, fill out a short Tiki Yoga contact form and schedule your consultation.

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