Twin pregnancy and back problems!

“I contacted Željka on the recommendation of a friend in order to get some advice regarding back pain and tingling in my leg. The pain was so strong that I could not sleep or lean on that leg. After an online consultation, suggested exercises, and useful advice on movement, the pain was regulated, and I am a proud mother of twins.”

Milica Katanić, pediatric nurse

I practiced prenatal yoga with Željka!

“I heard about yoga from my colleagues at the school where I work, and after initially thinking about it, I went to my first yoga class. Before pregnancy, I trained with Željka for 3 years. And when I was pregnant, I enjoyed the MamaYoga educational program for pregnant women. The program contains elements of massage. I enjoyed Željka’s energy and gentle massage.”

Milica Bogdanović, speech therapist

I did yoga before and during pregnancy. Class with Željka is a real pleasure!

“I have been doing yoga for several years, which helped me during pregnancy, the usual pain in the back and joints, and swelling, which accompany every pregnant woman, have disappeared. In addition, yoga affects better concentration, reasoning power, and calmness… The work I do requires a high level of concentration and awareness and the need to make the right decision at the moment, which I achieve thanks to meditation.”

Ivana Radovanović, mining engineer

I practice yoga for pregnant women!

“I’m not an overly sporty type, so exercise was not a priority for me. Yoga was never on my mind until I got pregnant. But since I started practicing prenatal yoga, I have felt much better. My body remained vital, I eliminated leg swelling, reduced cellulite, and quickly regained my old weight after giving birth.”

Marija Mitrović, marketing consultant

This is the second pregnancy that I am practicing with Željka!

“My first experience was almost four years ago. Practicing yoga meant a lot to me throughout my pregnancy, especially the breathing and stretching techniques. I felt connected to my baby, giving me the security and mental strength to give birth. Now I’m back in yoga classes, carrying twins and enjoying my workout.”

Jelena Janošević, chemical laboratory assistant

I’ve been in sports all my life, and with yoga, I’m still active even when I’m pregnant!

“A wonderful experience of yoga during pregnancy and Željka’s educational program of preparation for childbirth. I liked that Željka pays attention to each pregnant woman and adjusts the exercises or provides substitutes if the pregnant woman cannot follow the group’s work. You can feel the support and dedication of the instructors. I will certainly exercise in my next pregnancy as well.”

Milena Zlatanov, professor of physical education

With the breathing techniques we did in yoga classes, the birth went great!

“I am someone who likes to be informed and prepare for all challenges in life. I am a real example of how with mental preparation, exercise, and education, childbirth can be quick and easy. I regularly attended classes for pregnant women and practiced breathing techniques at home.”

Marina Šujkić, Law practitioner

Every pregnant woman should exercise during pregnancy!

“In yoga classes, in addition to all the physical benefits that exercise brings to us moms, I am very happy that I was able to do something good and healthy for my baby. With breathing techniques, I enabled a greater amount of oxygen and better circulation, and I also learned proper body posture, which helped me not to feel pain in my back and joints during pregnancy. After giving birth, I practiced the back protection positions we learned in yoga classes, and I didn’t have any back problems.”

Ivana Stojanović, expectant woman

When I discovered that yoga is safe even during pregnancy, I started taking classes with Željka!

“It was important for me to find a physical activity that was safe and an instructor that was reliable. After I started exercising, I felt that the tension and moodiness decreased, but to my great joy, the swelling in my legs disappeared. It meant that Željka explains the exercises in detail and that if a certain position is not comfortable for us pregnant women, we receive instructions on how to perform it in a different way while the effects and benefits remain the same.”

Dragana Dimitrievska, HR manager

The experience of a pregnant woman who “tried” yoga for the first time during pregnancy!

“Before pregnancy, I never practiced yoga. For me, it is the best time spent during pregnancy. Why? Because in yoga classes, I got to know myself and learned to connect with myself and my baby. After each class, I felt phenomenal, both mentally and physically. I enjoyed my pregnancy and was active until the birth.”

Bobana Dumitrović, expectant woman

With yoga and a healthy diet, I managed diabetes during pregnancy!

“During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the doctor advised me to regulate my diet and do light exercises. We both agreed that yoga is the best choice for physical activity during pregnancy. I didn’t gain much weight during pregnancy, and after giving birth, I regained the appearance of my body without any problems.”

Marijana Paunović, legal technician

With Željka, I started working on myself through Reiki treatments and later yoga classes.

“The biggest blessing that yoga has brought me is my husband Miloš! I met a wonderful man at a yoga class. With Željka, I did hypnotherapy, Reiki treatments, transformation techniques, massage, and MamaYoga classes for pregnant women.”

Sanja Tomić, Serbian language teacher

I have been practicing yoga online for almost 2 years!

“I practiced Hatha Yoga on-site with Željka, the training is great, I like the part when we do meditation and relaxation. I switched to online mode 2 years ago. I like watching the video outside of the regular class time.”

Marina Marković

I started from the initial Hatha group, yoga is therapy for me!

“I had a lot of health problems, I came to yoga because of a herniated disc, and I also had problems with my heart. Željka often had corrections for me, I used to skip exercises, but after a year, I could do the whole lesson. Now I practice the intermediate level without any problems.”

Biljana Tričković, senior citizen

My friend and I areEight graders!

I’ve been training with Željka for 8 years! The friend I go to yoga with has also been a regular for eight years. While at the class, we joke with Željka that we are her “Eight graders”. I started yoga at the age of 52. It’s never too late, but I wish I had decided to exercise earlier.”

Zorica Arsić, 60, payroll clerk

I came to my first yoga class 8 years ago. I had an injured hip and osteoporosis!

“When my friend suggested I go to yoga, I was skeptical, but after the doctor recommended exercise to solve the problem of osteoporosis, I decided to try it. I’ve been a regular for 8 years!”

Vanja Ristovska, 8 years of practice, payroll clerk

When it got stressful at work, I found my valve!

“I heard good recommendations for Željka, but I never found time to attend classes. When the tension at work became unbearable, I decided to do something for myself. It’s the best New Year’s gift I bought for myself!”

Snezana Dobromirović, economist

Yoga helps me overcome health challenges and be mentally strong!

“I started practicing yoga with Željka when I was a student coming home from Belgrade, I tried a couple of instructors there, but I never managed to connect with them as I did with Željka. I like her way of showing the exercises and always giving variations adapted to my health condition.”

Svetlana Nikolić, Professor of the Romanian language

With yoga, I recovered both physically and emotionally!

“Yoga has brought me a lot of health improvements. My knee stopped hurting, and the doctors predicted surgery. When my husband passed away, coming to yoga classes gave me the strength to deal with the grief and move on with life. Now I enjoy being with my granddaughter, sometimes we come to Željka’s class together.”

Eva Janković, senior citizen

I strengthened my back and regained my strength after the covid infection with yoga exercises!

“I have practiced yoga with Željka in the Power Yoga group for 2 years. When I first came to class, I had terrible back pain. My posture has improved, and I use breathing exercises daily.”

Ivana Stanković, doctor

My job is stressful, yoga classes are a way for me to relax my mind and keep my body vital!

“I have been practicing in the Power Yoga group for 2 years. Željka is an instructor who motivates us to push our limits. I became braver and bolder in performing more demanding positions.”

Dragana Radonjić, psychiatrist

I like Željka’s professionalism and the way she designs the class!

“I have been attending Power Yoga classes since 3 years ago. I tried several yoga and other exercise styles, but Power yoga won me over with its dynamism and detoxification techniques. I have rejuvenated myself and feel fantastic after every class.”

Suzana Mijić, museum curator

It is important to me that the instructor looks good and that she is consistent and does not push!

“I have known Željka since elementary school, she has always been involved in sports and training. I did handball for many years, and I know what commitment and training are. I have been practicing Power Yoga with Željka for the past 3 years, as I stopped my handball training due to a knee injury. Željka motivates me to train and reminds me to follow my body and respect boundaries.”

Gordana Jankovic, economist

I’m rushing from work to get to class with Željka!

“I often work the second shift, the gym is close to my workplace, my training equipment is packed, and everyone already knows I practice yoga.” I tried several styles of yoga with Željka, sometimes, a faster pace suits me, and sometimes a lighter one. Željka always finds a way to meet the needs of practitioners.”

Ana Janković, librarian

I have been practicing Power Yoga since 2014. I come to classes with my sister!

“I started Power Yoga classes with my sister in 2014. It’s our time! I enjoy training, I feel phenomenal after training, and the best part is that I’m not exhausted but full of energy.”

Jelena Marjanović, prof. of physics

We didn’t agree, but we go to yoga classes as a family!

“With a friend, I started Power Yoga classes 3 years ago. Yoga helped me overcome my problems and get back on my feet. We laugh a lot in class, and I go home relieved, even though power yoga training is often demanding. About a couple of months after starting with Yoga, my mother boasted that she had signed up for Hatha Yoga classes with Željka.”

Milica Ogrizović, teacher

I practice Power Yoga and feel more powerful and happier

“When I started practicing, I was in pain from holding the violin, which requires a specific body position. I was breathing shallowly and had little fainting spells and frequent dizziness. Intensa’s breathing techniques helped improve my circulation, and the pain disappeared.”

Jelena Ilić, violin teacher