Transformational Physical Therapy (TTT)

– The Transformational Physical Therapy (TTT) program is designed to combine several different systems of physical and mental practices. In order to clear the emotional charges that cause illness or prevent healing from the levels of the body, it is necessary to release the traumas and resistances that have been created during life.

– The human body has a perfect regeneration mechanism and immune system, and what leads to unhealthiness, weakness, fatigue, dissatisfaction and apathy are emotional charges, i.e. resistance and blockages in the body that are created by thinking and perceptions of external events and situations, as well as social conditions.

What is Transformational Physical Therapy?

– Transformational Physical Therapy is a program that helps you eliminate emotional charges, and after elimination offers a set of new emotional experiences with tools such as relaxation, meditation, visualization, and mental programming.

– More precisely, it fills the gap created by removing the charge, so that the mind does not neutralize the detox process simply because it cannot produce logical connections. The mind wants to do things in the same steady way even though it may not be the best and healthiest. For example: we always go back to bad habits.

– The body does not think, does not judge, does not look for logic and does not ask how and why. The body is there to pass, to receive and give, to be a reflection. As people sometimes find it difficult to cope, the program is designed to take place at the level of the body, and not at the level of the mind.

– Thus, the detox of emotional charge takes place through the body with the application of therapeutic movement and breathing techniques.

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    What techniques are used within the TTT program?

    The TTT program combines the following techniques: yoga, Qi gong, dance, singing, martial arts, Thai massage and Shiatsu massage, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and the ThetaHealing technique, all with the goal of bringing emotions to the surface through movement and breathing techniques and then channeling and expelling them from the body.

    Movement and breath are our guide and our anchor of presence, a tool with which we face our inner world and realize who we are, and where we have limited and restrained ourselves.

    Therapeutic movement is a combination of a system of exercise and dance movements and mental exercises that achieve the breaking of emotional blockages – a set of information with a certain vibration that is retained in the tissue and which we recognize as emotion.

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    What are the benefits of the TTT program?

    The TTT program provides an opportunity to learn how to observe your thoughts, emotions, take responsibility and bring yourself to an optimal state of functioning.

    In addition to detox and filling the emotional void, the program gradually educates you about the system of emotions, how to recognize them, how to accept, channel, neutralize, and consciously create those emotions that support your development and healing and lead you to achieve goals.

    Without contact with your body and conscious self-observation, it is difficult to take responsibility for the problems that exist in your life, body and relationships.

Physical Transformation Therapy Program Topics

The topics we cover within the Physical Transformation Therapy program are:

1) Awareness of the body in standing, sitting, lying and kneeling positions
2) Connecting the body, integrity and related movement, circular exercises for all joint systems, lymphatic drainage with body movement and inverse yoga positions
3) Breathing techniques, vocal techniques, sound and vibration techniques in the service of emotional relief
4) Relaxation techniques, visualization, and mental programming in order to strengthen the inner strength and open the mind to new emotional experiences
5) Exercises of stretching, flexibility, strength, and interval training in the service of strengthening the body’s resistance and restoring personal power and responsibility
6) Therapeutic dance and singing as a therapy for coping with trauma and overcoming resistance as well as releasing mental programs from early childhood
7) Inverse yoga positions, movements from martial arts that aim to connect us with the body and space with which we learn the limits of our personal identity
8) Massage and self-massage, vibration techniques, therapeutic effects of the elimination of strong emotional charges, tissue regeneration with the healing effects of relaxation

9) Balancing hormones with yogic exercises in the service of stimulating the work of the hypothalamus in order to produce serotonin and alleviate depressive states or feelings of helplessness and exhaustion
10) Pelvic floor muscles and lower diaphragm strength that we build by rooting (grounding) and a secure base (rebuilding where we take responsibility to take care for ourselves and do what is both in our best interest and for the greatest good)
11) Qi gong exercises for calming, balancing and channeling energy flows, exercises for filling and strengthening the central energy channel
12) Exercises in pairs, exercises with obstacles in order to build confidence in yourself, other people and the process of life, and testing models of thinking and emotional openness
13) Working with emotions and developing communication skills, setting goals, creating strategies and new models of thinking

You can experience transformational physical therapy in the form of online workshops – 12 weeks of transformation (link to the page in events) in the form of an intense course that we organize periodically consisting of active rest with intense work on yourself. (link to the event)

The founder of the program, instructor and therapist: Željka Zdravković

For all additional information and applications for the Transformational Physical Therapy program, as well as information on the amount of the donation, contact us via email at or call us at the info phone number +381 61 133 72 60