The Mother is Born Program

– The “Mother is Born” program is designed to have an educational, preventive and therapeutic effect on the body and psyche of women – future mothers. It is intended to last for 2 years, but its parts can be applied separately. You will feel and experience the full effect of this program if you keep to the following four pillars that arise out of each other.

– The program “Mother is born” is a practical course. It is designed to be basically an exercise room. Through practicing physical exercise as well as breathing techniques, visualization, and awareness of the body and its needs, harmony in the functions of the body is achieved, thus, many problems and imbalances are resolved.

The program emphasizes the use of the following:

  • autogenic training
  • muscle relaxation
  • yogic relaxation techniques
  • hypnotherapy
  • self-massage and massage techniques
  • energy techniques

– By using these techniques, physical unease is approached from the angle of emotional imbalance, through which hormonal imbalance is resolved and the body’s natural regenerative powers are encouraged.

– Many women – expectant mothers – face fears that arise due to insufficient information about pregnancy and the body, deepening their fears with the collective belief that childbirth is a painful and traumatic event. This program provides an opportunity for a woman to get acquainted with her body and the process of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood as well as changes that occur on the physical and emotional planes.

– The goal of the program is to empower women to be active participants in the birthing process, to understand and use their natural potentials, to reduce fears and to thus facilitate the birthing process for themselves and their doctors, as well as to reduce, eliminate and prevent many postpartum problems.

The four pillars of the program “Mother is born” are:

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    I) Hormone balancing

    – preparing women for pregnancy through hormonal balance and mental preparation.
    Duration: 3 months

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    II) Prenatal exercise room

    – the psycho-physical preparation of pregnant women with yoga exercises, breathing techniques, visualization, relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, massage and self-massage.

    Duration: 6-9 months

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    III) Postpartum recovery

    – psychological support, breathing techniques, connecting with the baby, as well as exercises for postpartum recovery.

    Duration: 3 months

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    IV) Exercise room for moms and babies

    – exercises for moms, breathing techniques, relaxation, exercises for babies, baby massage and connecting with the baby.

    Duration: 3-12 months

What does each module of the program “Mother is Born” cover?

A detailed description of each module within the Mother is Born program:

I) The Hormone Balancing – MAMA YOGA

  • Introduction to the Hormone Balancing exercise room
  • Physical exercises for hormonal balance
  • Anti-stress program through breathing techniques, relaxation, hypnotherapy, visualization and mental preparation for pregnancy
  • Balanced diet in preparation for pregnancy
  • Small healthy daily routines in the service of detox
  • Body cleansing – fasting as preparation for pregnancy
  • Physical exercises and self-massages in order to strengthen immunity and maintain vitality
  • Eye and face exercises
  • Quick relaxation techniques for every occasion
  • Morning exercises for a great day – stretching and breathing techniques

II) Prenatal exercise room- MAMA YOGA:

  • Introduction to the Prenatal exercise room
  • Proper posture during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Breathing techniques for psycho-physical preparation
  • Yogic breathing techniques in the service of strengthening immunity
  • Hormones and hormone balancing – harmonization with physical exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Contractions – types and painless childbirth
  • Relaxation techniques – preparation for childbirth and elimination of pregnancy problems
  • Significance and exercise of the pelvic floor muscles preventively and therapeutically
  • Postpartum recovery (diastasis, prolapse, episiotomy)
  • Eye and face exercises
  • Self-massage in pregnancy
  • Pair exercises and massage for pregnant women
  • Pelvis – the birth canal – preparing the body for childbirth
  • Anxiety – how to deal with the fear of childbirth – mental preparation for childbirth
  • Support system – building a safe base and strengthening the self-confidence of pregnant women
  • Hypnotherapy in the service of eliminating fears of giving a birth

III) Postpartum recovery:

  • Introduction to postpartum recovery
  • Traumatic childbirth support
  • Breathing techniques in postpartum recovery (diastasis, prolapse, episiotomy)
  • Proper posture in the first months after birth
  • Physical exercise – support the body in regeneration and hormonal balance
  • Self-massage and couple massage (with partner)
  • Significance and exercise of the pelvic floor muscles in postpartum recovery
  • The sacred space of our heart – connecting with the baby, recognizing the baby’s needs, listening
  • Eye and face exercises
  • How to recognize postpartum depression and seek help
  • BIRTH OF THE FAMILY – identity crisis and adjustment to the new role of the mother

IV) Exercise room for moms and babies:

  • Introduction to the exercise room for moms and babies
  • Proper posture of movement and rest, under load (with baby)
  • Physical exercises – support the body in regeneration and hormonal balance
  • Self-massage and couple massage (with partner)
  • Eye and face exercises
  • Baby massage
  • Exercises for the baby
  • Exercises for the mom
  • Mom and baby exercise together
  • Pelvic floor muscles and postpartum recovery
  • Breast shaping and lifting exercises
  • Breathing techniques and therapeutic work in cases of pelvic floor muscle weakness
  • Yogic breathing techniques in the service of strengthening immunity
  • Yogic techniques of relaxation and visualization
  • Family class – exercises for mom, baby and dad

Founder and instructor of the program: Željka Zdravković

For all additional information and applications for the Mother is Born program, as well as information on the amount of the donation required for this program, call us at the info phone number at +381 61 133 72 60, or write to us at

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