Tiki Yoga Events

– Tiki Yoga events are designed to help you relax, learn something new, adopt new and healthy habits as well as find time for yourself. Although you may be used to a fast-paced everyday life, stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diet and sleeping 5-6 hours a day, events organized by the Tiki Yoga Studio will have the opportunity to show you what it looks like to adopt habits that you and your body will love.

– Events you can attend are workshops, seminars, lectures, excursions, webinars, multi-day holistic trips, camps, retreats (work on oneself, i.e. freeing the organism and body from the unnecessary and returning to one’s inner being), detox programs and detox weekends.

Mama se rađa – trudnice i porodilje



Mama se rađa
– trudnice i porodilje

Subota | 28. jul | od 19h

Lokacija: Ljubljana – Kavarna Zofa



Mentalna detoksikacija
za ljude sa sedećim poslovima

Subota | 9. jul | od 11h

Online putem zoom aplikacije

What kind of events does Tiki Yoga organize?

– Tiki Yoga organizes events both online and in pre-arranged spaces, as well as in nature. Types of events you can attend are workshops, seminars, lectures, excursions, webinars, multi-day holistic trips, camps, retreats, detox programs and detox weekends.

– By attending these events, you can learn how to balance your body, mind and soul; increase motivation, concentration and inner vitality; adopt new daily routines and develop a better relationship with the environment.

– It can also make it easier for you to establish new life habits, start exercising and listen to your body.

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    What can I expect from a Tiki Yoga event?

    At the events organized by Tiki Yoga, you can expect cleansing and indulgence of the mind, body and spirit with various ways and procedures such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization exercises, detoxes, physical exercises and a healthy diet. These are just some of the elements that are practiced in the process of transformation and that can improve your psycho-physical health and your authentic nature.

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    Who are Tiki Yoga events for?

    Tiki Yoga events are for people who want a change in their lives and are ready to improve their body, work with their emotions and train the mind to work for them. Good health, well-being and a healthy lifestyle are interrelated but are different things that go hand in hand.

    If good health is the ultimate determinant, then a healthy lifestyle is a set of habits and behaviors to get you there, while well-being is a state of mind. A healthy lifestyle is more focused on physical health, while well-being emphasizes mental and emotional health. Tiki Yoga will reveal little secrets on how to achieve the process of transformation and make a change in your life.

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    Why are Tiki Yoga events a good choice?

    One of the reasons why you should attend one of the Tiki Yoga events is learning and applying a set of techniques and methods, which you can later practice yourself to improve your health and lifestyle, adopt new life habits, start exercising and meet new people of similar interests.

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    How do I find out the schedule of Tiki Yoga events?

    Registering and participating in Tiki Yoga events is very easy. You can follow the posts on our Instagram or Facebook profile, as well as on the website, and you can also register in our database via email to be informed about upcoming events.

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    How do I secure my place at the event?

    For each future event, it will be prominently highlighted how you can apply and secure your place.

For more information feel free to contact us.