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– Certain emotions that you experienced in the past or the earliest childhood years, and which caused discomfort or a negative reaction, remain in the subconscious. When we experienced them, our body reacted to them and produced a chemical reaction, which our body remembers regardless of whether we forgot about that event.

– Hypnotherapy uses this condition, which is a natural phenomenon, but this condition is deepened in hypnotherapy to instill a positive idea in the mind.


What is hypnotherapy?

– Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy, which uses the power of positive suggestions specially written for the person who came to therapy, with the aim of changing destructive patterns of behavior based on the subconscious. In this way, hypnotherapy also affects a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior.

– Hypnotherapy is a therapy that involves the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, i.e. for the positive development of a person. It is one of the methods that has been used for centuries, not only for mental disorders, but also for the treatment of physical illnesses.

How long does hypnotherapy last?

– A hypnotherapy session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

– In the short informative part of the session, the therapist will introduce you to the way of working, and then you will discuss the problem you want to work on.

– The number of sessions depends on the problem and the openness of the client’s mind to suggestions. Sometimes it will be just one, and sometimes 3-6 sessions.

Who is hypnotherapy for?

Hypnotherapy is for you if you want to:

  • prepare for childbirth or face and release a traumatic experience of childbirth
  • have more self-confidence and willpower
  • get rid of the patterns by which you enter into unsatisfactory or toxic relationships
  • solve a health problem caused by accumulated stress and internal resistance
  • program your body to healthy thinking patterns and recieve support in the healing process
  • get rid of fears (such as a fear of heights, water or enclosed spaces, beetles, etc.)
  • change bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drug use)
  • reduce body weight
  • overcome anxiety, depression, stress or panic attacks
  • have more motivation to take exams or remove blockages towards more efficient learning
  • focus on achieving your goals and making better decisions
  • improve your athletic performance
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    What does hypnotherapy look like?

    In most cases, the client is lying down in clothes, but it can also be done in a sitting position if necessary or the therapist estimates that it would be more effective. The therapist instructs the client to close their eyes and induces them into relaxation and gradually into a state of hypnosis, i.e. a state of lowered brain wave frequency, where the client’s subconscious mind is open to suggestions. The therapist then guides the client to the moment the experience occurred – the moment the problem arose.

    The hypnotherapist will make suggestions to your subconscious that will help the mind get rid of unwanted programs and accept new positive opinions, attitudes and patterns of behavior. Finally, the therapist takes you to a state of wakefulness and follows with a short conversation about the experience.

    During the session, the client is conscious, but in a state of deep relaxation that allows the mind to be open to suggestions. Your mind absorbs only those suggestions that are in the best interest of your development, and the therapist’s code of ethics supports only those goals that are in the service of the client’s health and quality of life, so you should not be afraid of any “bad” effects of therapy.

    In a small number of cases, therapy may not work. In such a case, you should either change the therapist and find one that suits you better or change the method, and most importantly understand whether we are ready for change, healing, or development (often behind diseases and problems lies playing the role of a victim, and our mind does not want to let go of this role, take responsibility and find a solution).

    Hypnotherapy can also be applied through video, in online communication between the therapist and the client, but the best results are given live, in work with the therapist because then both the client and the therapist are completely focused on the session and build a relationship of trust.

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    The benefits of hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is one of the methods for changing unwanted behavior and negative beliefs, so that transformation occurs at the deepest level. Of all the therapies of any kind, hypnotherapy will lead to the fastest results because it is aimed at the subconscious mind.

    When, with a therapeutic approach, the client recognizes and becomes aware of the cause of the unwanted or destructive pattern of behavior, the change is permanent. Also, this is one of the safest techniques for working with trauma because the client is shown from a different level an event that was important to him and that he imprinted in his subconscious.

    If there is a sincere desire and readiness to solve mental, emotional and physiological problems, hypnotherapy is a fast and effective method with positive results that appear after only a few visits to the therapist.

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    How do I schedule a hypnotherapy session?

    You can schedule a hypnotherapy session within the Tiki Yoga studio via e-mail at zeljka@tikiyoga.com, by filling out the form or by calling our info phone at +381 61 133 72 60.