12-Week Transformation

– The 12-Week Transformation Program allows you to face the traumas you have experienced and work on relieving them through movement and exercise.

– In addition to trauma, this program also works on releasing the resistance that was created during your life due to social conditions, making compromises and adapting to other people’s demands.

– Movement and breath are a human’s guide and anchor of presence, a tool for each of us to face the inner world and realize who and where we are limiting and restraining ourselves.

– The body does not seek logic, does not think, does not judge and does not ask how and why; the body is there to miss, to receive and give, to be a reflection of our beliefs and events from prenatal to present day.

As it is sometimes very difficult to face oneself, the program is designed to take place at the level of the body, and not at the level of the mind.

What is the 12 week transformation program?

– The basics of the 12-week transformation program are yoga exercises, breathwork and meditative techniques. The cleansing of the emotional charge happens through the body with the application of therapeutic movement and breathing techniques.

– Therapeutic movement is a combination of a system of exercise and dance movements that break emotional barriers – a set of information with a certain vibration that is retained in the tissue and which we recognize as emotion.

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    What does the 12 week transformation program cover?

    The 12-week transformation program includes:

    • 12 workshops via the Zoom app (90-minutes each)
    • 12 meditation sessions
    • Work assignments after each workshop
    • Presence within the closed Facebook support group where you can practice techniques and meditations with other participants, share experiences and connect.

    Workshops are held once a week. You will receive meditations and work assignments once a week in your email that you provide to us upon your registration.

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    What techniques and skills are used during the 12-week transformation program?

    During the 12 online meetings the skills and techniques to be used are:

    • Physical exercises
    • Breathing techniques
    • Meditation sessions

    We will also talk about the experiences and sensations you have in your body as well as ways to recognize the messages your body is sending to you.

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    What does it take to participate in the 12-week transformation program?

    To participate in the transformation program that lasts 12 weeks, it is necessary to:

    • Be in a quiet space
    • Have stable internet
    • Turn off the phone
    • Wear comfortable clothes
    • Prepare one litre of water
    • Have paper tissues available
    • Come with a notebook and pen

    The day before each workshop it is advisable to drink plenty of water (minimum 2 litres). You will drink at least 1 litre of water during the workshop.

    Eat normally and avoid being hungry. Also, don’t eat right before the session. In the notebook, you will write down what is important to you and what your body tells you, and thus you will dedicate time to meeting yourself.

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    Privacy of participants during the transformation program

    For the sake of respect and privacy of each participant in the transformation program, recording the workshops is not allowed.

    For each of you, this will be a very special and intimate experience in which you may feel naked. Your emotions and subconscious patterns will come up to the surface. Respect the privacy of each participant, appreciate the courage and determination of each person who decided to work deeper on him/herself just like you.

Who is this program for?

The program is great for you if you are:

  • Aware that you have restrictive patterns or blockages in the body
  • Ready to work on removing patterns, i.e. blockages at body levels
  • Open to work on your energy
  • Determined that today is the time when you take your life and health into your own hands and do not accept the role of victim
  • Heart broken, abandoned, listless, resentful, dissatisfied, angry, and hurt
  • Decided to get to know your emotional system more deeply and face dissatisfaction
  • Brave and often think that you are crazy and different because you can’t fit in the middle, and that life is not fair
  • Determined to do something different to change your reality
  • Ready to learn to work on improving yourself by following the instructions and performing the work tasks that the program instructor will give to you
  • Ready to take time to attend the workshops and enjoy the full effect of the program
  • Under 18 and have parental or guardian consent

The program is not for you if:

  • You have a psychiatric diagnosis (there are experts to work with you)
  • You are an older adult and have problems with movement (individual work would be better for your condition)
  • You have a difficult health condition because the program requires physical exercises (individual work would be better for your condition)
  • You want fast and short-term results (because the program requires continuous work on yourself and the application of techniques that are demonstrated during the workshops)
  • With this program you want to solve all the health problems you have
  • You are not in the mood or do not want to follow the instructions and advice of the therapist
  • You do not see the value of this program for your physical and mental health as well as spiritual development

NOTE: The 12-week transformation program is not a substitute for drugs and medical interventions. We especially emphasize that it is not a substitute for working with professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, internists, cardiologists, etc.).

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    Where and when are the 12 week transformation workshops held?

    The 12 Week Transformation program is held online via the Zoom application on weekends during 12 consecutive weeks in the evening hours.

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    Price and How to apply for this 12 Week program?

    You can send an e-mail to zeljka@tikiyoga.com and express interest in this program. After we receive your email, you will be contacted about the exact date and details of the program.

    The estimated amount of the donation is 14,500 dinars / 125 euros.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the offered program, feel free to write to us or call us on our info phone at +381 61 133 72 60 or via email at info@tikiyoga.com.